Design of Process Plants

Promech Engineering has experience with design of process plants on all levels. We develop P&IDs, perform flow simlations and equipment sizing. Detail design of the piping system is performed using Plant 4D, an object driven 3D plant design system.

Typical industries for our activity:

-Offshore Oil Platforms
-Oil Production Ships
-Oil Storage Facilities
-Gas transport systems
-Petrochemical industry
-Chemical industry

P & ID

Piping flexibility analysis

Promech Engineering performs a large number of flexibility calculations. The pipestress software Triflex is used in the calculations. A number of our clients outsource this part of their projects to us. This very specialised field represents approx 20% of our turnover.

Our capabilities also include dynamic calculations. We have performed a number of water hammer studies where transient flow calculations have been combined with dynamic structural calculations to give accurate predictions of a system's dynamic behaviour.

Typical projects:

-Oil production ships
-Process modules
-Subsea manifolds
-Fiscal metering stations

Subsea Template